In an age of single-use plastics and vast carbon emissions, it is vital for each and every individual to play their part in the battle against climate change. The same applies for businesses too, probably more so. Finally, the days of excess packaging and unsustainable sourcing are coming to an end – and we are fully in support of doing whatever we can to end those days as soon as possible!

We believe firmly in progress-over-perfection. Despite our ‘eco-warrior’ mindset, we don’t think we’d be very popular if we switched off all the lights and the heating in Winter, and only served cold-pressed local organic smoothies. That doesn’t mean that we’re not making progress though. Little changes every day add up to make a massive difference – our entire pub now produces less than 40 litres of waste per week, roughly half of the average UK family. We also have a Three-Step Food Waste Programme overseen by our dedicated Food Waste Manager (Bing the Rabbit).

Step One is Bing’s favourite – his food bowl! Anything not suitable for a bunny makes its way to Step Two, our on-site compost heap. Only waste that isn’t suitable for home composting reaches Step Three; the food waste bin, collected weekly.

By using local, ethically minded suppliers, we have managed to drastically reduce our packaging. Almost everything is sent to us in recyclable packaging (or none at all!) and our lovely fresh veg suppliers even collect and reuse every single box and bag. Supporting local businesses is a great way to keep food miles low and ensure that a community thrives, it also means that a great product is guaranteed.

There is still a long way to go though. Our plastic-free bar still uses electricity and we’re working on ways to provide that sustainably – not just by reducing our intake with timers and low-energy lamps, but by sourcing our electricity from solar panels and wind turbines. Over the Winter we planted some bee-friendly shrubs and flowers, and this Summer we’re working on a herb garden and vegetable patch, fed by rainwater collected from our roof.

Our menu features lower-emission vegetarian and vegan alternatives if that’s what you’re looking for, and for the carnivores all our meat is sourced from local Oxfordshire butchers. All our fish dishes are MSC Certified, and hopefully we’ll be harvesting our own fresh produce later this year!

If you have any questions about our mission to be completely eco-friendly, then please contact us anytime. We hope to see you soon!

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