Beeline Honey

In 2005, Caroline Taylor-Timms (Line) wanted to promote the undeniable work done by bees in relation to the environment and the industrious way they provide the pure and natural commodity that we call… HONEY!

To enable her to do this, she understood that she would have to gain the knowledge of the bees and looked to take a bee-keeping course, that would qualify her to run and maintain a working hive – or twenty!

At the age of forty-one, Line sadly passed away in June 2016 and was unable to complete her wish. However, this idea has finally been brought to fruition by her husband and close friends, right here in Great Bourton, bringing to the public BEELINE HONEY…

Beeline Honey is available on the bar with a Charity donations box.

We hope you enjoy this product in the knowledge that you are helping to support the local community and the future of the insects that have worked expeditiously to produce this pure British honey.

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